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Dictionary of Knitting Technology

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The most comprehensive dictionary about knitting, knit constructions, patterns and technology.



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The most comprehensive dictionary about knitting, knit constructions, patterns and technology 

The Dictionary of Knitting Technology explains up to 1,500 important terms from the knitting industry, including 380 figures. The dictionary combines explanations from construction and production technology with product describing terms.
Furthermore the dictionary contains a lot of structures and patterns for knitted fabrics: from opaque to filet net, from highly elastic to dimensional stable. Single or multicoloured knitted fabrics as well as fabrics with plain or structured surface are also displayed with its structures and patterns. So the dictionary is interesting for both, technologists and machinery manufacturers as well as designers and for those who are working in the product development.

Information about:

Machinery and processes for knitgoods production:Knitting machinery * hosiery and body machines * Multiaxial warp knitting machines * machine gauges * latch needle * compound needle * bearded needle * electronic needle selection * fall plate and knock-over sinker bar * elastane plating * positive yarn feeder * weft insertion * etc. 

Knit constructions and product properties: Warp and weft knitted fabrics * purl and interlock * single jersey * double jersey * tricot, cord, velvet and satin lapping * interlock, overnit and rib structures * plating, pile and plush * spacer fabrics * multiaxial thread composites * tulle and lace fabrics * stitch bonding for composite materials * etc.


1st edition, November 2009
englisch hardback, numerous figures, diagrams and tables
Deutscher Fachverlag
Edition Textil
Industrien und Branchenstudien
Textilien und Fasern
The comprehensive edition of the dictionary is also a must for students who are studying textile technology, textile machinery construction and textile design as well as for career changers from other branches who are engaged in textile oriented questions

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